Our mission is to cultivate an atmosphere for people to experience the manifest Presence of the Lord and encounter the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

Rich and Morgan Caguimbal
As our children's pastors, they develop programs to connect with children and families.

Daniel and Haley Medley
As our youth pastors, they are active on local campuses and are raising up a generation of passionate teens and young adults.

James and Sylvia Ward
Although retired from active ministry, they lead our ministries to senior adults and continue preaching and teaching.

Phillip and Evelyn Ward
As our senior pastors, they lead the preaching, teaching and worship ministries.


Our pastors

Keys of a Revival Church

Fred and Jodie Peloso
As our associates pastors, they oversee the day-to-day operations of the ministry.

Phillip and Evelyn Ward have been our senior pastors since September 2004.  They have led the congregation in a time of revival, growth and transition.  In 2007 they received a Word from the Lord resulting in the purchase of our current properties valued at more than $3 million and acted on the Word even though they had no money.  This type of faith continues to mark their lives and ministry.  They are moving under the mandate to contend for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will bring revival to this region.  Their prayer is to see others dramatically impacted by the power of God just like they have been.


We are a revival church.  This means that we have dynamic ministries that are infused with the power of the Holy Spirit and draw people into an ever increasing intimacy with Jesus.


We see a Great Awakening coming through a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will usher in the greatest harvest of souls in the history of the world.

1. Passionate praise and worship to cultivate an atmosphere for the manifest Presence of God.

2. Prophetic preaching with the power to impart faith and transform lives.

3. Scriptural teaching to develop disciples of Jesus and provide believers with a strong foundation.

4. Prayer that is fervent and effectual to release the atmosphere of the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth.

​5. Cultivating a "family atmosphere" where people are encouraged to share their lives with others.

6. Creating a culture of evangelism in the local community and around the world.

7. Demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit in every aspect of our lives and ministry.